About Us

We are called to serve our neighbors.

Our Mission & Vision

We seek to impact the future of Houston by empowering children and families to thrive and reach their fullest potential. Our goal is to create an equitable education landscape that allows for equal opportunity to learn and grow no matter what zip code a child lives in.

Generation One is a living laboratory for education research and development. With quality early education, engaging after-school programming, and family support, Generation One is proactively helping children and families thrive.

Generation One's holistic approach to child-centered development engages the whole family and community. Recognizing and addressing the special needs of low-income children, our trauma-informed approach takes best practices to create a transformative model for early education. Unique to other early education centers, Generation One creates a therapeutic environment, focused on building resiliency in families.

Impact & Achievements


Over 90+ students children in Generation One Academy and Next Gen after-school and summer programs.


Each Generation One Academy family has at least one adult who receives training and committed to helping their children successfully navigate through school


Over 50 groups, organizations, and businesses tutor, mentor, course teach, read, and provide meals to support the education and training programs


Over 150 children continue to attend camps made possible by donations to Generation One donations


Over 71,876 volunteers completed neighborhood revitalization projects or staged community events as of September 2016


Over 600 homes and yards have been painted and cleaned, and over hundreds of lots have been cleared of debris and litter


Over 50 events have been conducted or co-sponsored, such as festivals, block parties, rallies, concerts, and resource fairs


Over 150 children participated in after-school tutoring and summer camps prior to the establishment of Generation One Academy in 2011

With more than 15 years of operation, Generation One has impacted the residents of the Third Ward community by conducting revitalization projects and sponsoring events to create awareness of need while developing vision among residents of a transformed, hopeful, and productive community.

In 2013, Generation One created a school with year round classes, an after-school and summer program, and parent and guardian training to equip children and their families with the skills necessary to be personally productive and sustain community transformation.

After an evaluation of the first three years of operation and extensive review of early intervention programs, Generation One Academy staff now focuses on the Social-Emotional learning (SEL) of young children and their families. By experience and research, SEL is shown to be critical to children’s current and future success—academically and behaviorally. Additionally, teachers implement a trauma-informed approach to teaching, in a trauma-informed environment.

Why Early Childhood?

Meet Our Team

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Our Partners

Thank you for partnering with us to help accomplish our goals and objectives.

Texas Women's University (Doctor of Occupational Therapy program)

The University of Texas Medical Branch (Doctor of Occupational Therapy program)

Ambient Way

Chapelwood United Methodist Church

Charity Guild of Catholic Women


Collaborative with Children

First Presbyterian Church

Gateway Community Church

Grace Bible Church

Grace Presbyterian Church

Houston's First Baptist Church

Kingsland Baptist Church

Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church

Poetic Systems

Riverside United Methodist Church

Second Baptist Church

The Woodlands United Methodist Church

US Department of Justice

Vertex Energy