Empowered Families

Supporting the whole family is key to empowering children to reach their full potential.

Every child deserves to have an opportunity to achieve greatness that expands across a lifetime. The Empowered Families program with Generation One provides a variety of dynamic opportunities for children and families that can enrich each family members livelihood, social and academic success, and a promising chance to prosper and grow. When parents, professionals and the community work together, greatness can be achieved together on a much larger scale.

The Empowered Families Team is committed to children’s growth, and we believe that our programs and services can play a crucial role in their overall progress and success.  

Wrap-around services that are part of the Empowered Families Program: 

Therapy: Occupational Therapy:
Occupational therapy focuses on helping children and families develop and improve the skills they need for everyday activities and tasks. Our occupational therapist works closely with children and families in areas such as:
Fine motor skills
Sensory processing skills
Attention to tasks
Behavior challenges
‍Picky eating
Intellectual and academic learning.

Speech Therapy:
Speech therapy aims to support children in developing effective communication skills. Our speech therapist is trained to assess and address difficulties related to: 
Speech production
‍Language comprehension
Social communication and fluency  

‍Mental Health Play Therapy:
Play therapy provides children and families with a safe and supportive environment to explore, express, and process their emotions and experiences. Our play therapist utilizes play as a therapeutic approach to improve: 
‍Emotional regulation and wellbeing
Problem-solving skills 
Social interaction
Coping skills  

‍Child Screenings and Assessments 
Our team:
Screens students for developmental progress three times during the year. 
Provides individualized teacher coaching on standardized assessment processes for children.
Delivers occupational therapy, speech therapy, and/or mental health therapy evaluations to all children in the program and for students and families with higher needs.  

Our program is evidence-based, research focused and dynamic. Our methods are backed by research to make sure we are providing the best solutions and tools to the population we serve.  

Family Events:
Family events are held throughout the school year. From Breakfast Bingo and the all-girls Tea Party to our Boots and Bowties for the boys and so much in-between. There is sure to be an event that our team can enjoy with all families! 

‍Parent Opportunities:
Research shows that children listen to their teachers more, focus and learn better when their parents or parents in general volunteer or are involved in their child’s school. We encourage all parents to volunteer at our school. Furthermore, parents have opportunities to expand their horizons within our programs through parent training and continuing education opportunities.   

Teacher Trainings:
The Empowered Families Team provides training for teachers that range from ways teachers can manage child behaviors in the classroom, to understanding child development, to helping children overcome picky eating. The purpose of the training is to empower teachers to holistically serve the children in the classroom. 

The Empowered Families program has incorporated an integrated approach on working with children through a mental health, social emotional and holistic lens. When we wrap our resources around each child and family it helps prepare them for promising opportunities in the future ahead.

Anticipated for the year 2024, a collaboration between the Doctor of Occupational Therapy programs at Texas Women's University and The University of Texas Medical Branch will give rise to a series of transformative Doctoral Capstone Research Projects which will answer the following: 

1.) How improving participation of parents in Early Childhood Schools can impact the wellness of the family and the child.
2.) How brain-based movement activities can improve child temperament, behavior and attention.
3.) How environmental design can impact the way children learn, think, behave and grow.

To help build an empowered and promising foundation and future for children and families by leveraging our resources, academic curriculum and community partners.

Email our team: info@generationone.net


For additional questions, please contact us.

What is Empowered Families?

Empowered Families is a supporting program to Generation One Academy that provides counseling and therapy to Generation One Academy students and families. Empowered Families ensures consistency and constancy in our children’s lives for a positive trajectory at school, at home, and in outside social circumstances.

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