Empowered Families

Supporting the whole family is key to empowering children to reach their full potential.

Every child deserves to have an opportunity to achieve greatness that expands across a lifetime. The Empowered Families program with Generation One provides a variety of dynamic opportunities for children and families that can enrich each family members livelihood, social and academic success, and a promising chance to prosper and grow. When parents, professionals and the community work together, greatness can be achieved together on a much larger scale.

The Empowered Families Program offers 4 programs to all children and families enrolled with Generation One to help each child and family member reach toward their highest potential.

C.H.A.M.P.S. - Children, Hope, Activities, Mental Health, Play, Social Participation: Individualized sessions or groups of children small or large, ages 0-12 for weekly integrated skills classes that focus on improving social/emotional skills, fine motor skills, physical health, sensory regulation, self-empowerment ,confidence building, ADL skills and other skills as needed to help each child inhabit the tools needed in everyday life to meet their highest potential.

P.O.W.E.R. Lane- Providing Opportunities with Endless Possibilities: P.O.W.E.R. Lane provides extracurricular activities and mentorship programs that all children will have the opportunity to participate in.

Resource Village: Provide support services and resources for children and families which include but are not limited to family counseling, occupational therapy, speech therapy, nutrition therapy, medical services as needed that are individualized for each child and family. Resource Village also provides trainings, resources and opportunities that help empower teachers and caregivers work with and impact children in a variety of ways.

Research Isle:
Research Isle coordinates with universities and their students for capstone and research projects throughout the year to demonstrate and replicate the efficacy and evidence-based nature of Generation One’s Empowered Families initiatives for the community served.

The Empowered Families program has incorporated an integrated approach on working with children through a mental health, social emotional and holistic lens. When we wrap our resources around each child and family it helps prepare them for promising opportunities in the future ahead.

Anticipated for the year 2024, a collaboration between the Doctor of Occupational Therapy programs at Texas Women's University and The University of Texas Medical Branch will give rise to a series of transformative Doctoral Capstone Research Projects which will answer the following: 

1.) How improving participation of parents in Early Childhood Schools can impact the wellness of the family and the child.
2.) How brain-based movement activities can improve child temperament, behavior and attention.
3.) How environmental design can impact the way children learn, think, behave and grow.

To help build an empowered and promising foundation and future for children and families by leveraging our resources, academic curriculum and community partners.

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What is Empowered Families?

Empowered Families is a supporting program to Generation One Academy that provides counseling and therapy to Generation One Academy students and families. Empowered Families ensures consistency and constancy in our children’s lives for a positive trajectory at school, at home, and in outside social circumstances.

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