Empowered Families

A licensed Marriage and Family Therapist provides individual and group support for our students and family members.

Reaching Potential

In addition to licensed therapy and counseling, families participate in programs that are designed to best meet their needs and support the growth and development of the whole child. Focused on building resiliency in families, Generation One creates a therapeutic environment for children to thrive.

Programs have included literacy and student read-aloud sessions, nutrition and fitness classes, as well as Bible study and family days like the Fall Festival and Christmas Celebration. We avoid a top-down approach.


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What is Empowered Families?

Empowered Families is a supporting program to Generation One Academy that provides counseling and therapy to Generation One Academy students and family. Empowered Families ensures consistency and constancy in our children’s lives for a positive trajectory at school, at home, and in outside social circumstances.

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