Breaking the Cycle

Empowering Children & Families to Thrive and Reach Their Fullest Potential In A Therapeutic Environment

Our Work & MISSION

We’re champions of strategic change in early childhood and youth education.

Our goal is to create an equitable landscape that creates high-quality opportunities to learn and grow—no matter what zip code a child lives in.

Working in the Third Ward, Generation One is a living laboratory for education research and development. With high-quality early education, engaging after-school programming, and family support, Generation One empowers children and families to thrive and reach their fullest potential.

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The Why

When equity is a priority, it's a matter of justice. Trauma in children creates inequity. Inequity fuels injustice.

— Dr. Ivy Bonk,
Childhood Trauma Expert & Author

The single most powerful predictor of the ability to read at 3rd grade level is: Did you start kindergarten ready to learn and read?

—  Dr. Stephen L. Klineberg,
Prophetic City: Houston on Cusp of a Changing America

Only 39% of HISD and 53% of Texas kindergarteners enter school kinder-ready (i.e. ready to read and learn).

— Good Reason Scorecard, 2020

Our Difference

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Increase in Positive
Social Skills


Donors Make Sure Quality Education is Tuition Free


Academy Students Transition to Kindergarten Ready to Learn


Of Families are
Actively Engaged

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